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Welcome to the ASC Youth website. Parts of it are still under construction so please be patient and come back at a later date.

A bit about the ASC...

The Aberdeen Soccer Casuals (ASC), as the mob became known, contributed to a new style of football hooliganism in Scotland, distinguished not by the previous skinhead fashions but by the wearing of expensive sportswear and as the grapevine spread news of the Casual phenomenon across the country, a 'uniform' of sorts began to emerge. This could be said to comprise of certain labels such as Slazenger, Lacoste, Ellesse, Burberry, Lois, Kappa, Levis etc. Anoraks, cords and bleached jeans became a regular sight on the Inter City service trains at a weekend. Arguably more importantly were the trainers.

The knack of sporting the correct footwear became an art in itself. The first few years of the ASC saw them involved in trouble the length and breadth of the country, fighting with rival fans and skinheads as no other teams had casual mobs it wasn't until around 1983/84 that another mob appeared and that was from Motherwell for some strange reason, their name being the 'Motherwell Saturday Service', their younger casuals (under16's) went by the name of the 'Tufty Club', Aberdeen's younger lads went by the name 'The Under-5's'.

Nowadays numbers have dropped due to a heavier police presence and higher police intelligence, although the ASC still carry on the tag of being Scotlands top mob. In recent times the only mobs worth talking about are the ASC/ASC U5's and Hibs CCS/Hibs Babycrew, however Dundee Utility have been known to pull a good number on occasions.

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